The Perfect Pair of Jeans

Updated: Aug 4, 2018

Have you struggled to find the perfect denim for your curvy body? I have! Throughout the years my body has changed very little, I’ve maybe gone up one size or down. Many other jeans create a pocket space in my lower back and oh! How I hated that when I sat down! I needed jeans that were comfortable on the waist and stretched on my booty area. I’ve found some brands that have been high end as well as affordable brands. In my opinion, in denim jeans you shouldn’t compromise, cheap denims will only hold its color for little time and will eventually look worn out quickly. The denim color will fade and the fabric will look worn out after a few washes, now with that said there are high end brands that have done exactly that to me, I’ve regretted even trying them on and spending the money. The first time I heard about this brand was with the blogger The Sweetest Thing, she had mentioned Adriano Goldschmied denim jeans were confortable and molded to your body so I went and gave the AG denim jeans a try. These are by far the best jeans for a curvy body, after many years of trying different pairs of jeans my search was over. The denim is great quality, they look great on my body, they are comfortable, and the color on the dark denim does not fade. AG truly does shape up to your body, they have so many options in jeans that really AG is my go to brand in jeans.

If you are looking for something casual, distressed, comfortable with a boot cut, I found the perfect pair for you. I’ve been wearing these every chance I get! This is The AG Isabelle High-rise straight crop jean, I've dressed these up and they looked great with thin-heeled booties, they truly are the most comfortable jeans you will ever use. They do stretch a bit and after a wash they do shrink again. I have thick thighs and when the jeans are ripped on the thigh area they tend to rip too much after some time and I cant really use them anymore because the skin starts to pop out and they look too sloppy for me, I prefer the distress to be around the knees.

Another distressed denim option with AG is The Farrah Skinny Ankle; these have the distress detail in the perfect areas like pockets and knees, this area does not stretch out too much therefore won’t tear. Keeping the distressed jeans chic but not overly casual. The skinny ankle gives you an amazing silhouette! You can dress them up or down and they are also very comfortable.

For date night, I use AG The Farrah High-rise Skinny dark wash denim. The denim is very dark and smooth giving you a dressier look. These have a slightly faded touch around the thigh and look amazing with heels.