The Devils Shoes

Updated: Aug 4, 2018

I got myself my first Christian Louboutin when I was pregnant, I wanted to splurge on something I had been eyeing for years but kept putting it off because come on! It’s a lot of money for shoes! I had read so many reviews and seen so many videos on how these shoes were so painful that it made me think…would this be what it would feel to wear the devil’s shoes? Sexy and beautiful, but painful and deadly to my feet; still this didn’t stop me, I was ready for these babies and after extended research I decided I would get the Christian Louboutin, So Kate in the color nude, I chose these because they would be my first pair and I wanted something versatile that could be paired with any outfit.

Now, the shoe was everything I expected when they arrived, a truly stunning sight of a stiletto, but dreadfully everything I read was true, one step felt like stabs on my feet. Yes, I had literally slipped in to the devil’s shoes, of course I was prepared, I ordered on Amazon a heel stretcher, I paid $32.99, I only ordered one because I wanted to see how and if it would really work. I put it in one shoe for one week and then switched it off to the other shoe. The day I used them my feet were killing me, after just a few hours of just sitting down.

I went home and stretched them out again but this time I turned to plan B, which was using a stretching spray called Kiwi Stretcher, I paid $9.97, also purchased in Amazon. The second time I wore them, right before putting them on, I sprayed the inside of the shoes very carefully. This time they were much better and after a while it seemed as if they adjusted to my feet quite well. The third time I wore them they were much better, I was able to wear them for a few hours. I’m not going to say they got confortable over night because these shoes are not meant to be confortable; they are made to make your legs look sexy.