7 Must have in your closet

Not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but I am currently living in Mexico City. 3 years ago I meet a beautiful soul, we immediately became great friends. She would frequently ask me for fashion advice, recently she moved back home to Virginia and now miss her dearly. I thought maybe I could write her a few tips on what she could have in her closet now that she has a new job and an entire new closet to fill in.

There are a many clothes we may have in our closet, but from everything we have...... What should we really have that can be used as a transition item and work with many other outfits? I will start with my top favorites!

The Jacket

A statement jacket, this must be a special jacket that has something unique that you absolutely love. It can be leather or faux leather and any color is great for jackets. I personally love wine so when I saw a leather jacket in a similar dark red wine color it was a no brainer for me, I had to have that jacket! Look for details that pop-out to you! I look for where zippers are placed, you might like embroidery details or a unique collar.

The Trench Coat

This can be either a light coat or a rain coat, either way it is a great statement piece to any outfit and it’s a great transition piece for spring to fall as well winter. For some reason, wearing a trench coat always reminds me of rain in New York City.

The T-Shirt

Yes, a T-Shirt but not just any, it must have a clean look, meaning nothing on it, no graphics, only maybe a small pocket. It mush be loose, nice and good quality fabric. With the right accessories you can dress this T-Shirt up or down. I prefer V-necks but the round collar T-Shirts are easier to match with necklaces.

The High-End Pair on Jeans

At least one pair of name brand jeans. They must fit perfect on the waist and be the right length. These jeans must be of a denim fabric that is always comfortable, you will know that this is the pair because you will not want to take them off. I wrote an entire post about jeans. Take a look: The Perfect Pair of Jeans

The Make Me Look Amazing Top

There are some dressy tops that can do this! The fabric on this top should be flowy and soft, not over size just loose enough for you to feel and move comfortably, it must be as if it was made for you. Yes, you have to look around but once you find it, it will always be your favorite. Preferably one that is black; this will go with anything! Whink! Whink! For my friend to choose black!

The Girly Maxi Dress or Jumpsuit

It’s always good to have one or the other or both. A maxi dress is another transition outfit, in summer you can wear it on its own with some accessories…. and going into spring use this with a cardigan on cool nights. Both the girly dress and jumpsuit look great with denim jackets for those chillier summer nights.

The Strappy Cami

Now every girl should have at least one, you can use this everywhere!! It must have thin straps, not too fitted and must go a little over your waistline. Try to find one that is silky looking. It must not show too much cleavage or else you wont be able to use it to work. On hot summers you can use this with shorts or jeans, you can even wear this with a maxi dress for layering over or under. You can wear it under a blazer for work and then remove the blazer for happy hour. This will also look great with cardigans and of course a denim jack, the possibilities for this are endless.